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  1. Spider

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    Hamburg, PA
    I just received my BPS headlamp today. It has 15 LED lights. two rows of 5 white and one row of 5 UV Blacklight. You can turn on 1 or 2 rows of white or the 1 row of UV. At the price, it is a great light and it's on sale right now. I checked out the UV and it lights up my Hi-Vis Berkley line great. Should be real nice for night fishing.
    You can also get it with white and green lights. Even comes with batteries.
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  2. Catfish_Scooter

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    Those look cool, thanks for sharing. I bought a nice LED headlamp from walgreens that does me just fine.:wink: LOL I got it when momma wanted to look around in there.. :cool2: