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cool gizmo

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in this world full of neat gizmos-my lady found a neat one from avon fer us.It is a wind up flashlight-radio-portable cell phone charger,The radio picks up good and dont sound like listining to a person yelling in a can the led lights are a good light and I dont know about the phone charger but I think this will be in the canoe or boat because it is a neat and useful piece
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That charger sound like a handy item.
Has it got a flame on it Kenny? For the social hour.
Hey Kenny, I've seen those they look like they'll work pretty good, as far as the cell phone part of it you'll probably need hand surgery after cranking that thing to charge that darn phone.:wink:
I saw one of those on HSN, they were selling them for $19.99 plus shipping.
Looked pretty neat.
I got one at radio shack, 39.99, radio operates on battery or dynamo, has a light, and cell phone charger. I lost the connecting wires. but my batteries run down, so I can still listen to radio. it don't go as long as advertised tho
She only spent 10 bucks on it-If It saves me one time for what ever reason I am cool.It is neat.......
:wink:Oh beetle no flame we have to rub sticks togather to impress them you know that-and when we think were diong sumpin they burst our bubble.......gee buddy I figured youd knows this one(LOL)
When I seen the title to this thread,I thought were bragging about yourself again.LOL:big_smile:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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