Control of your fish with the rod?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by LadyValea1, Sep 30, 2006.

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    Hi, I've a question about control of catfish using your rod?
    I was reading a few posts about pointing the rod tip toward the fish? or do I move the rod tip opposite the fish? Rod tip UP? or Rod tip down? or pull the cat in sideways rod? I don't want to just winch it in with my reel.... please advise.. thanks:crazy:
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    its a combination of rod and drag on the reel , yes you want to winch it in but ,and this is where it gets tricky , youve got to remember the rods back bone and eyes also provide drag . heres what i do , not saying you should or that its the right way but its the way i like . i use abu 7000 i set my drag every time i go out by pinching the line at the reel with bare finger and thumb if i can pull the line with out wrapping it around my fingers then its about right to start with after i bait my hook i hold rod out in front of me and give a little jerk upward if drag slips i tighten till it dont then i fish , it doesnt take much pressure to set a sharp hook , i only use j-hooks . now if or when i hook a fish and it slips drag i tighten just a hair not much if rod is not bent . i hold my rod at a 45* angle in front of me this is done by resting the rod handle on my waiste line and grasping the rod in my left hand just above the reel . as im reeling in the fish if the drag slips more than i want i can always use the reeling hand to tighten the drag a little if its too tight i loosen youve got to use your judgement in that , remember the rod should not bend more than a 1/4 circle if it does you run the risk of breaking something . as you fish more you will learn more about drag and rod placement you have to lose a few before you will get it right . good luck

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    he is right, if you have a good feel for how much pressure you are putting on your drag with your hand when you try to pull it out if should be about 1/2 the line weight {example if you are using 20# line then you should have to put 10# of pressure to get the line to come out} if your fishing and you need more drag then you can beef it up a little but not to far or youll break your line. and as to your rod tip. i always keep mine at a 45 to start. if he starts to head for cover i use my rod to try and steer him away from it {example if the fish is heading to your left and going toward a tree then start to put pressure on the rod going right to make it harder to get there if your drag is set right then the combination of having to pull drag and fight against your rods back bone should make him give up heading that way} same principle applys if he is heading down toward cover, then you pull up to make it harder to get there till he gives up.

    hope this helped
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    With most fish up to about 30 lbs, I keep a bow in my rod and let my rod and reel drag fight the fish. The bend in the rod may vary, as its one way to adjust rod drag. Its mainly with really big fish that you might point the rod at the fish, doing what is called "bowing" to the fish. That's to keep from breaking off the line because of the drag set by bend in the rod. Tarpon are probably the fish that the bowing is done most often with. Even then, you want to keep tension on the line. Loose line gives the fish the opportunity to throw the hook or a quick jerk can cause the line to break. It also allows the fish to wrap the line around something.
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    i usually keep my rod at a 45 deg.angle till the fish decides where it wants to go then put pressure in the opposit direction and make sure the drag is set correctly because for the dangest reason they tend to move while in storage and travelling to the lake
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    Everything pretty much has been cover'd .
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    true if you want the fish to not jump up hold it low .good lck
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    If you point your rod tip at the fish you run a greater risk of breaking off. With the tip down you are putting all of the pressure on the line and drag.
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    I'll throw my two cents in on this one too. Your rod tip acts like a shock absorber in your line. Tie a piece of your fishing line to something solid and give it a quick hard jerk. You can break it pretty easy, even heavier pound test. Tie a bungee cord to the object and tie you line to the bungee cord give it the same jerk. The bungee absorbs the quick jerk and shock. That's what the action in your rod tip does for you. Yes I realize you have a drag to help with this as well. But it's still the basic function of having more give in the tip of your rod. There's really no reason to ever point your rod toward a catfish. Keep your rod tip up reel down toward the fish and then lift with your rod again. This helps keep extra tension off your line when your fighting a big fish. And never reel when he's taking out drag. That's a sure-fire way to lose a big fish.