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    Hi guys, I have been having problems hooking into Catfish. My friends and I went to Contra Loma reservoir in Antioch, California last weekend. Two of my friends have a float tube and were catching some catfish suspended from the bottom. I don't have a float tube, so I was fishing from a dock. I decided I would try a slip float rig so I could suspend my bait down to about 25 feet.My problem is that I would get hits where my bobber would bob down a couple times, and then it would just stop.. I was using chicken liver. I dunno if I should try something like Mackeral or what.. I justw anted these damn cats to take the bait and keep it down... any suggestions are appreciated.
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    Using slip bobbers is an excellent tactic. 95% of the time you will want your bait to be within 1 - 3 feet of bottom. Put some split shot or a small sliding sinker about 18 inches above your hook. Keep adjusting the bobber stop until you find the right depth. If you are using a 'stand up' bobber, it will lay on its side if the weight is on bottom. When this happens move the bobber stop down a few feet and cast again. Keep doing this and you'll know you've hit the right depth for the bobber stop when the bobber goes 'viagra' on you and stands straight up instead of laying on it's side.

    Part of the challenge could be that you are using a slip bobber that is too big. Also, you want to use just the right amount of weight above your hook so that the bobber barely stays afloat. This 'neutral buoyancy' creates less resistance for the fish when it takes the bait. If the fish is feeling this giant bobber when he takes the bait, he will release your hook.

    If Liver isn't producing, try cut bait. Makerel is a great choice and is my go to bait. I rarely even use livers anymore. A filet of Makerel has many positives as you can cut the bait as big or small as you like, it stays on the hook really well, and is super oily. Just make sure you keep it on ice or else the sun will dry it out and make it mushy.

    Go get bit. . .

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    You might try a 'Bobber with a brain'.

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    Yeah and some things catch more fishermen than fish.