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i've been in maryland over a month and have yet to catch a flat or anything over 17lbs. Then again, i'm fishing by trial and error and mainly perusing different locations in the bay near aberdeen/havre de grace. I have been above the conowingo once, but only hooked into one small blue.

The bay though is crammed with channels and bulls though. that was a surprise. they're easier to catch than bluegill. granted, i haven't caught anything big. Having access to restricted waters in the bay near APG has turned up some of my biggest 10-17lb channels and blues every 2-5 minutes.

I'm definitely in the market for a local to fish with. I've got a foot and a half of eel left for bait and a boat. This is my last weekend in MD and i'd like to hook something bigger than 20lbs before i leave.

So if you or anyone else knows some good spots, then PM me and lets hit the water! As of now i was planning on driving down to marshall hall on the potomac and giving it a whirl.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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