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  1. Novice

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    North Carolina
    hi gus give my congrats to capt. howerd and I have one question for him were are you going to be giding O would ask him my self but I do not think I know him GOOD LUCK WALTER
  2. Mac-b

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    North Caro
    Walter, he is a nice fellow and most likely will see your post and respond. He is good on Santee Cooper and other places and he would show you a good time. I want to fish with him in the future.

  3. jim

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    Jacksonville NC
    Mac I saw your post on the James trip you are taking in Mar.I responed but I think all of it got lost in the shuffle to the new server.If you are going by yourself I have lots of leave time and can get off those two days.I have fished the James many times and always enjoy it.I am good with the net, great with a camera,and the girls all tell me I'm cute.:big_smile::eek:oooh::roll_eyes:Besides you can fight all the fish and I'll pay half!!!!!Dont worry I'm not being generous,after 4-5 40lb+ fish in the James fast tidal current you will be begging me to take one.:wink::smile2:When I go I usually stay in Hopewell and go out of Jordan Point Marina.Dont know where Hugh launches.Just an offer.If its a family trip disregard.:smile2: