congaree / Santee River

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    How low are the rivers? Is it even possible to launch a boat or get to the rivers to fish? Thanks
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    Andrews, SC
    Chris, the Congaree River is really low up toward Columbia, except for brief rises due to discharges from the Saluda and Broad rivers (,00062,00065,72020), but it is navigable through the lower reaches in a shallow draft boat, with a little caution. The best launch point would likely be at the bridge on US 601, and you can go upstream or down from there.
    The Santee River, though low, isn't much of a problem (,00062,00065,72020), until you get to the first channel marker (#176) entering the lake below Low Falls Landing. Low Falls has two ramps open, last I heard, but it's still shallow and stumpy for a couple hundred yards getting to the river.
    Just keep in mind that the waters are low, and you could hit a submerged object almost anywhere. :big_smile: