Congaree River

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    I'm heading to the Congaree on 4/11/08 to camp and fish through the weekend. We'll probably buy bait in Rock Hill on our way down there. How are the fish biting and should I head up river or down river. We put in at 601 and usually go up river. Didn't harldy catch anything last year, but the year before we did good up there and I got a 47 lb blue along with several in the 20's. Can you catch white perch in there to use for bait. I don't want to go to my home lake up here the day before and get them the way gas is so I hope I can catch some down there. Any info. would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Good luck I dont see why you wouldnt be able to catch the white perch but I have never tried so I couldnt say.

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    my brother went down couple weekends ago and had zero luck the weather was bad the day before so lots of stuff in the river he went into the swamp down river trying to catch some pan fish for bait but had no luck there either i fish congaree from 601 pretty often and always catch fish so dont know what my bros problem was maybe had something to do with me not being there lolgood luck