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Discussion in 'LOCAL NORTH CAROLINA TALK' started by dozer, Dec 29, 2008.

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    Ok thanks to you guys I am now addicted to this catfishing stuff. However I will continually have questions. I fished my pond last night and had an awesome trip. Thanks to your tips I used cut blue gill and blue gill heads. started fishing 45 minutes before dark and in 1.5 hours I caught 5 cats all weighing 4-5 lbs each( all released). Awesome to me! Maybe not all of you but being new to fishing NC I am happy. Now my question I went back tonight and fished later in the evening I started this trip @ 6:30 pm and fished till 8 with fresh cut blue gill and fresh heads and could not get a bite. Not even a nibble. What is the difference between yesterday and today. I fished the same spot? And no one fished it except me?

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    Hard saying. There's a lot of things that put fish off feed and cats aren't
    usually very active in Dec. One thing that comes to mind is that most
    catfishermen tend to carry several types of bait with them. Cut bluegill
    is some of the best bait on most trips but maybe they might have been
    into the guts or chicken livers that day. The fish might have moved to
    another spot. Usually in the winter cats will be in the deepest hole they
    can find in a lake almost dormant. They will take a bait but you have to
    dangle it right in front of their nose, they won't move much. Read some
    stuff in the Member Library and learn some stuff about your lake's
    depths, temperature of the water and above all currents in the water
    of the lake. Cats use current wherever they find it to bring them food.

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    Yes, it can be an enigma when the bite turns off and on like a switch. Welcome to the BOC, dozer!!! If ya ever want to do a boat trip, just holler. We'll find some fish.
    Bill in Bennettsville, SC
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    Temps,barometric pressure,moon phases and water temps times of day times of year so many things contribute to the way fish bite people take notes sometimes I don't personally but obviously spring is the best and before winter unless you have blue catfish in your waters learn your waters and try different things use what works try different baits I use chicken livers, shrimp ,cut bluefish as bait for channels you don't hafta stick with just one bait strictly use what works at that certain time:wink:
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    Being addicted to catfishing ain't as bad as some other monkeys that can sneek up behind you and welcome to catfishing it can be difficult at times .
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    "....I will continually have questions...."

    Thats what this place is all about. We will have answers, but no guarantee they are right!!!!

    "....What is the difference between yesterday and today. I fished the same spot? And no one fished it except me?....."

    It may have been as simple as which way the wind was blowing, since this can move fish to the other side of the lake. The barometer could have increased and turned the bite off, which can easily happen in small ponds. An significant change in temperature could have changed things. Lots of things can change a bite from one day to the next, but whenever one place works one day and not the next don't be afraid to pack up and move. Don't fish for ghost too long. :wink:
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    One thing you may want to do is change things up, If you are fishing the bottom you may want to try a slip bobber and get the bait off the bottom, Or move to other areas of the pond, If i don't get any action i will move to areas that have produced in the past or even try some areas that i have not thought of. Cat fish will move around what may be there one day may not be there the next day, Take notes on the day and time of your catches and see if there is a pattern to you pond this will help you plot a corse of action in the furture.