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A while back I started working on what I had left of a 5 gallon bucket of Sonny’s bait. I probably had 1 ½ gallons left and I added 2 cans of cheap caned milk to it. It was cheap because a friend who gets commodities assistance gave it to me. I added the milk to thin it down because it had become to hard to shove the dip bait worm down into it. And, I didn’t want to buy another 5 gallon bucket before this fall.

Right here let Me state My feeling about Dip Bait. I Love it and have used it for the last 25 Years. There ain’t no bad dip bait, ( in Arkansas City, Kansas . We call it Stink Bait) Bowker Bait & Harth Bait both originated in Arkansas City. Now I haven’t tasted Dip Bait – But I’ve sure worn a bunch of it. OK, back to the bait bucket….

To the bait I had left I added the canned milk which made it about the consistency I wanted. Then I went to the Grocery Store and got the following. (1) 2 lb tub of Mexican Lard, (1) bar of Zote Pink Mexican Soap and (3) bars of Ivory Soap, In the cabinet at home I got Garlic Granules, Salt, Cajun Spice and 2 fresh onions.
This is where the real fun began—I chunked up the soap and got ready to make my homebrew bait. Taking the propane fired cooker out of the shed I proceeded to melt the lard and add the chunked up soap to the lard. Bad mistake! The whole mixture boiled out over the top of the fish fryer in less than a minute. I found out lard and soap don’t mix. They foam. Turn the fire off and they still foam. I killed the grass in a two foot circle and spent an hour cleaning up the burner on the cooker . I then went back to the grocery store for more supplies. Lard, Zote, Ivory another $6.47 well spent.
At this point I still have the same amount of bait I started with. But, it’s kind of like eating Rabbit Pellets.
I’m getting smarter!! This time I got out the food chopper and ground up the Zote soap (1) bar and the Ivory soap (3) bars to a real fine consistency . Boy, Dis’ looking good! All pink and white little threads of soap and out of them four bars of soap I had a whole dish pan full. Notice I didn’t say word about heating or melting—I’m not cleaning up that burner again. “We gonna go at this a different way”

I let the soap dry for 1 hour and fluffed it up every now then. Actually I fluffed it up between each beer and I think I fluffed up four times. I added the 1/4 cup of Salt, 1/4 cup of Cajun Spice, 1/2 cup Garlic Granules and fluffed it two more beers. This made a very nice DRY mixture that was ready to add to the Sonnys bait I had left in the bucket.
Oh, I forgot to mention a gallon of fresh frozen ground up Shad which was thawing out on the back porch. Now while that shad was thawing I went to the Ace hardware and got a pair of rubber gloves, the long armed kind. $18.00 worth of gloves but I gotta have em, Right?

Now, for the final results. Mix the dry soap mixture into the Sonnys bait- pour in the 2lbs of Lard- Mix Well. using the rubber gloves-pour in the ground shad – Mix Well, Oh Fud,, I forgot my glove. Things going smoother without glove! Shoulder getting really tired of mixing even without glove. Go get face mask—Flys seem to be over excited about soap mixture. At this point Face is very close to bucket top and flys are getting in eyes. I thing I’ll go Fluff another Beer . Damn that beer stinks!

Sara showed up at the back door and chewed my end about the 2 foot circle of dead grass in the yard and made me pick up all the Fluff Cans , said the neighbors would talk. However, she did give me a couple of large onions which I ground up and added to the bait mixture. Listed below are the final results of the Confuse-Em-Bait recipe.

1–12 pack of Fluff -Not an essential ingredient----
1-Bar Zote Soap---ground up fine
3-Small bars of Ivory Soap---ground up fine
½ -Cup of Garlic Granules
¼-Cup of Cajun Spice
¼ -Cup of Salt
1-2lb Mexican Lard—Do Not Heat with Soap
1-Gal of Ground up Shad---Use face mask
2-Large Ground up Onions---opens tearducts
And 1&1/2 Gallon of left over dip bait—probably would work without other ingredients

Did it Work? I’ve got that boat stinkin so bad the Game Ranger don’t even want to check My licenses!!!!!

Carl in Kansas (stubby)
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wow you guys will go through a lot just to make bait, I would much rather just buy it. It sounds like you had a lot of fun making it though, nothing like putting away a 12 pack while your doing something constructive. I have never used dip bait and had it work though. Maybe there just werent any cats there, good luck with your bait.
Ok! Heres the results, Friday morning, by myself, went to Kaw Lake just across the border in Oklahoma. Got on the lake at 9:30AM. Fog was still on the lake so I got a late start. Went to My favorite area and started having bites on the bait. Caught a total of 7 channel. Mostly 2 to 3 lb range .1 maybe 5 lbs and broke off one that would gone 10 lbs. The bait is good, but it don't have the stickem quality that I want on the worms. Loads up really good but washes off to easy. Wasn't no doubt they were going to hit it. Now I have to figure out how to make it sticky' Got any suggestions? Already got a ton of Lard in it.

maybe u could tryy adding peanut butter to make it stickier? ive added it to my baits before and it helped and seems like the fish like it
Wow, I thought I was being ambitious just throwing a net for bait. 'Bout fell of the couch laughing, great story. Never tried making dip bait, but would Karo syrup or molasses give it the "stick" you're looking for? Should set up pretty good in fairly cool water. Paste, maybe? Don't know if catfish like it, but there were several kids I knew in elementary school who seemed to think it tasted pretty good....
Why not just use the shad that you added to the bait instead of going to all the trouble to make a smelly mess? LOL
Geez, Geoff, then a guy wouldn't be able to time the process by beverages....Probably take all the fun out of it lol
I think Stubby might have had more fun making the bait if he had FLUFFED it a few more times. LOL
Coloman. I done run out of Fluff. But I did add some peanut butter and some Velveta Cheese to it today. Looks a lot smooother. I'll do the water test tomorrow. Load up a worm and Dabble it real good and see how it stays on
Thanks Guys!!
Stubby (Carl) in Kansas
Uh,I've heard of fluffers,and what their job is.I think I'll just keep my mouth shut-so to speak!!
Now that's funny! I think you should of got a 24 pack instead of a 12. Was wondering why you did not add some fluff to the bucket.
Stubby did not want to use up his valuable Fluff on bait! LOL
try wrapping the bait in nylon instead of putting it on a worm
Maybe it's too runny. Just leave the lid off until you have about 1 ½ gallons left.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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