Concrete bait tank

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    collins mo
    Thought this might give someone an idea, I have two concert tanks, one 700 gal and a smaller one, I got them through a concret co. that makes, vaults, septic tanks, and strom shelters and other pre formed concret,.
    They dilvered and set in place, the large one was 270. and the small one was
    225. I poured a slab and put post up with a tin roof, no sides, had them set tanks on slab. This was 3 years ago, and made a fishing cleaning station.
    also I live in country, Tanks serve as bait holding place , and a place for cats to clean out. like when you come in late at night and dont want to clean fish they go into tank.
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    Warsaw, Mo.
    Jim, aweome set up!
    Great tank set up...700 gallon is one helluva a nice one.....
    These guys that would like to learn the river/lakes around here I know would do well to fish with you. I got the new reels in and spooled and I'm ready to try them out.