Composite Props

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by 320hotrod, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. 320hotrod

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    My pops has used a composite on his 16.5' Lowe deep-v for 4 years now and swears he loves it. We've hit a few things with it and haven't broken it yet, but then again, we haven't hit any wing dykes either.
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    I've never heard of composite props, but in the river I fish, where it's pretty much guaranteed you'll hit a rock unless it's up (getting to where we fish anyway), I started using Michigan props with the exchangeable hub system. It's designed to slip when you hit something so it causes less strain on the lower unit gears and less damage to the prop. Plus, once you buy the hub and the prop (and I bought a backup hub to keep in the boat), buying just the prop isn't very much. Plus I got the hub and the prop originally for less than any other replacement prop I could find.

    I was just looking at the website for Piranha composite props, and it appears those would be a good choice as well. It looks to be fairly expensive to get setup, but it's designed for the blades to absorb the impact, which puts less strain on the lower unit. Then you just replace the blade, which isn't very expensive. Just make sure you have extra blades on the boat. Lifetime warranty on the hub so you only ever have to buy the blades, plus you can change pitch just by changing the blades. Looks like a good choice for mostly open water in case you hit something, but I'm not sure if it would be that good of a choice where I hit rocks all the time since I don't want to have to do prop repair every trip out.