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    There is a new (or newer) composite material called "richlite". Other similar name/brand is "paperstone" (thier competitor). It is a epoxy based composite sold as sheets from 1/4 inch 4x8,10,12 and 1/2,3/4,1 and 1-1/8 inch thick (and other widths).

    Starting to see it more on HGTV and around magazines as new kitchen counter top material. Used in boating industry also and many other applications.Could see it for a boat console, cutting board, deck hatch, etc... Fabricatable w/std tools and holds screws well.

    From Mfg:
    Whalelite® and Whaleboard® Composites provide a desirable backer board for use in the fiberglass boat building and repair industry. Application uses are widespread where stress load considerations are a factor. Boston Whaler is one of a number of customers served within this market.
    Will see it in exterior applications like exterior cabinetry, boat parts and durability justify a higher cost. It is heavy. 4x8 sheet 3/4 is about twice the weight of green ply. The 1/4 and half inch is lighter and I see myself most likely to use in boat parts. link:

    Cost? not cheap for sure, but is midrange compared to other quality finished sheet goods of similar use.

    I am just starting to get this material myself so will know more about it in the coming months. Hope to find many uses other than just counter tops and cabinetry panels, but will see.