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Composite decking for a jonboat floor

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I had a composite deck installed on my house. I got the idea to use composite decking for floor in my jonboat. Has anyone ever done this? Mine has a flat bottom. Flat in the back then starts to bow up in the front.

I think the composite would be cheaper than aluminum and wouldn't get as hot out in the sun. Any thoughts? Thanks Todd
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That composite decking is very heavy. I would use exterior plywood treated with thompsons water seal before i went composite decking, as a sheet of thin plywood doesn't weigh that much. The last composite decking i stood on was very slippery when wet also. Add in some slime, or bait on the floor and you have the great potential for accidents or overboards. Aluminum isn't that expensive when you figure that it will last as long as the boat.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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