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Discussion in 'Salt Water Fishing' started by flatheadchris, May 1, 2007.

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    well im down here in florida for the week and im fishing off a pier near jacksonville[i dont know what its called].ive never fished saltwater in my life.what can i exspect to catch on the pier? what bait? i was thinking shrimp?

    how far do i need to cast off of the pier? or do i just drop the line from the 25 ft pier and fish it that way?

    thanks guys:big_smile:
  2. redfishman

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    South Louisiana
    Pier fishing can be fun especially at night if its lighted well. Not being familiar with that area you should be able to catch sheepshead around the pilings or blues(bluefish) if you cast into the surf before it breaks.

    Dead shrimp is the easiest to use and fish can pickup the scent a good ways off. Definitely check local regs for species and seasons. When you get your license most places will have reg booklets available which also have pics of common fish.

    If there is a strong outgoing tide we have used lifesavers rigged to a drop line with a small balloon attached. When the lifesaver melted it would drop the line often 100-150 yds out. We would often get mullet or menhaden -strip it with a filet knife. You could catch small shark or barracuda's- if you used steel leaders. But check local regs on species and line restrictions.

    Good luck and hope you post a report and pics!!!!

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    fished off of the old jacks beach pier many years ago. caught lots of blues. gotta be on yer toes, they can snatch yer bait off in a blink of an eye with those teeth. I suggest a wire leader also. spanish mackeral is common there as well. they used ta have a shark club there. they paid guys in kayaks to take their bait out for em. I also recommend a pier net!
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    As a slightly off-topic comment, try to avoid overhead casting, or any casting where the hook and sinker are not over the water. Out here, things are so crowded that you're liable to catch someone unless you're very careful.

    Tight lines.

    -- Rich
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    Well, that pretty much is all I could say, since I'm not familiar at all with the specific area you're in. Talk to the people that work at the pier, and watch the locals, see what's been running. Shark at night is almost a sure bet with fresh cut bait off the end of the pier, definitely with a steel leader. It's kind of like fishing for Blue Cats in a way.....sorry I can't help more.