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    Hi guys. I live in north carolina but my job is taking me to savannah for a few weeks and would like to do some catfishing andd deep sea fishing while I am there. Can anybody help me with this? I leave monday morning for savannah and wont have a computer there.
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    Loganville, GA
    Hows it going. Theres a guy named Jim that lives down there in Savannah. He'll probably reply to your post sonner or later. Good luck

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    Saltwater fishing.=Check the Yellow Pages,under "Fishing" in the Savannah phone book.You will find a list of charter and deep sea fishing boats.=Also,follow Hwy.80 toward Tybee Island.When you see the Fort Puliski entrance on your left,slow down and take the first road to your right.Do not cross the bridge.This is the road to the Lazaretto Creek boat ramp and fishing pier.The pier is on around at the end of the road.Freshwater fishing.=Hwy 17 South of "Kings Ferry"park on the Ogeechee river.Boat landing,boat dock,shelters,restrooms,and small FISHING PIER,down away from the boating,but close to the restrooms.=Hwy 204,Morgans Bridge on the Ogeechee River.Boat ramp,and bank fishing downstream of the bridge.I apologize for the lack of hospitality,but my health keep me home bound right now.peewee williams