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    I know we dont have alot to chat bout with our current status of catfish that reside here, but that dont mean that we are not out there fishin for em. That is what catfishin is all bout, yea a big flathead would be phenominal or a decent blue. The fact is we have what we have cant change it. But we do have is spirit guys. I dont know bout you but if iam not fishin i am thinkin bout it for sure, like where are the cats now, how can i catch them. Or maybe i am watchin in-fisherman catch em right and left i instantly start to figure a way how that pattern would do on our cats. What i am tryin to say is we might not have rivers the size of a L.A freeway full of cats and lakes that house some of the biggest fish people have ever seen. But that makes us no less of a catfisherman. ITS NOT THE SIZE OF THE DOG, ITS THE FIGHT IN THE DOG. So i ask you to go out and catch some wiskerfish then come back here and tell the world how far you had to walk or how long it took you to find the pattern, just so you could catch that one ten pound fish. Any one can catch a fifty if there are hundreds to choose from. But when you maybe have three or four ten pounders in the entire river and you find just one. Your a die hard catman you found, fought, and landed a fish most people didnt know were even there. Happy huntin boys. I am gonna hit the safari at the crack a dawn. See ya on the water:cool2: