Combination bank side rod holder / carry all

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    The old milk crates in my garage have held a multitude of items over the years, but the best use I've found yet is a cheap and easy to make rod holder.
    This can either be secured with several smaller stones or rocks or a large stone or rock in the bottom, or tie it off to a tree a very large rock or drive a tent stake into the ground and tie it off to that.
    Heres a drawing until I can get camera to cooperate with windows vista.

    Oh by the way the combination referance was that it can also be used to haul gear down to the water before it gets set up to hold your rods and it will work with all types of reels.


    I also used a 1/4 inch thick pc. of luan to make the back wall of the crate able to be drilled into a circle shaped hole and not a rough squared out hole that you would end up with if you just cut into the plastic crate