Columbus (Griggs Reservoir) Fishing Report 9/6 (Fish Story)

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  1. Garrett Cope

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    Columbus Ohio
    Fished Saturday Night At Griggs On The East Bank N Of Fishinger Bridge. Got there around 8 pm & fished till 11pm. All the action i've had at Griggs lately has been at right around 9 P.M. and this night was no different. At almost exactly 9 one of my poles that was rested atop my tackle box went flying off and i grabbed it as it skidded across the rocks in front of me. Another 2 seconds and it would've been GONE. I gotta admit that my first thought was that i'd snagged a submerged tree branch or maybe a big turtle. But when i raised the rod higher and i felt it pull downward HARD i knew i had a problem... The rod and reel i'd hooked the fish on was an old ZEBCO 888 on a mismatched 5'6" Shimano Bullwhip baitcasting rod with a short pistol grip. Uh-Oh.
    I'd no sooner pull the fish off the bottom turning the reel handle maybe twice each time i did before he'd go right back down again and i'd have to repeat the process. The too-flexible rod tip of that bullwhip wasn't helping at me much but after about 5 or 6 minutes i managed to pull him up to the surface and close enough to slide him up between the mass of rocks along the shoreline in front of me.When i got a good look at him in the shallow water between those rocks illuminated by my lantern i came to the sudden realization that the 23 inch 8 pounder my stepson had caught in almost the same spot the previous night was kinda small by comparison to this beast of a channel cat. Staring down at that fish my mind was doing that mental measuring thing..he was somewhere between 32" and 35" Long and between 12 and 16 Lbs. Having left my net at home (for the last time!) I tried to pull him up and over the 4 feet or so of rocks in front of me to the land of measuring tapes,digital scales and needle nose pliers but as i hoisted him across the slippery rocks he reared his fat head dislodging the hook (which shot toward me...followed by the sinker) and with a roll and a splash he was gone....
    I was informed later by my 8 year old stepson who had witnessed the whole thing that i cursed when the fish disappeared. I asked him what i said and he said "The S Word" and then he commended me on my relative restraint..he said he'd have said MUCH WORSE. Kids! ..Didn't get another bite the rest of the night despite numerous casts to that particular spot where that fished was hooked. At least we got to see the fish..Anyway..Moral of this (too long) story: DON'T FORGET YOUR NET! Good fishing,Friends!
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    great story,Im sure thats happened to a bunch of us thats fished the bank.Im one of them that has had that happen more than once,fishing with my dad growing up. Boy have i heard my share of cursing when we had a good fish on,and was told to get the net,and realized i had left it at home after my dad told me not to forget the net.Moral to all you younger kids out there dont forget the net!!!!lol

  3. neocats

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    I think that has happened to us all at one time or another.
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    Sounds like you lost a nice one. It's something about those two riverine reservoirs (Griggs and O'Shay) on the Scioto. They produce some huge cats every year. Sorry I never PM you back. It will not let me yet since I am still considered a new member.
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    Great story, never fished out there but sounds like a good spot.
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    yes a net is a for sure, i remember the last time i forgot mine, we were camping in tenn and went down to the river to fish, left net at campsite, of course hooked a big fish, ya ever treid to lip a poed 30lb blue lol:eek:oooh:, i did manage to get hold of him and get him on the bank. im just glad the hook was buried or he woulda been gone, i still have a few scars from that one, i havent forgot one since :wink:
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    Well the ole fish story had a happy ending a perfect catch an release! Congrats on a near nice catch an hope you can always go back out there knowing he/she is still there.
  8. adamj

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    buckeye land
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    HEy there shadman i live right next to Griggs and Oshay. Fished Griggs the other night and caught 11 channels in three hours on a boat. I was wondering what type of places you looked for on Oshat for cats since it seems like you have been there alot. I was also wondering if there are many flatheads in the two reservoirs??? Thanks
  10. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    Great story, sounds like an exciting adventure anyway