Colored Lowrance LMS Units

Discussion in 'Fishing Electronics Review' started by RiverKing, Feb 23, 2008.

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    I just got a LMS 527c unit, and just have some basic questions..To the guys that have one, what do you keep your "colorline" setting at?? How can you tell the difference between a hard or soft bottom..The pics in the owners manual are sort of tricky cause they are in black and white and when i run the emulator on the internet, the bottom lines or color dont change too much and looks pretty consistant..Also the fish arches seem to mostly be the same color as well...Also wanted to know what color scheme do you use, white background, bottom tracking, nightview, blue background, iceview???
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    I have a 334c. The best info that I have found, other than their website is Doc Samson. He puts out some good lowrance videos and has a lot of info on his website. Hi-tech fishing, i try different settings, but often go back to factory settings, just because I won;t leave my rods and reels at home and learn to use it right.