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  1. allworknofish

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    does anyone fish the colorado river around bay city or wharton?
  2. bgbluecat

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    Not personally but I sure would like some info on it. I cross the Colorado regularly going to and from Texana and Coleto Creek and have wanted to fish it. Did find a fellow that was willing to talk about it - he limb lined only and used live perch exclusively. You know what liars fishermen are - says he always caught a few flats but mostly channels and blues.
    I'll keep watching to see if anyone bites. I'm interested in a safe place to launch - safe that is for leaving my truck and trailer. Thanks for any info.

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    i have fished the colorado between san saba and lometa. it is one hell of a river! where i fished it there were a lot of rocks with pools below them, and a lot of snags where foods had washed whole trees into piles. it is a great flathead river, from what i saw. the first time i ever fished it, it had just rained, and the water was real muddy. i couldn't get any bait with my cast net or minnow traps. i was getting kind of frustrated sitting up on the bank, when an armadillo cruised on by. i shot him in the head with my .22 rifle, and set as many limblines as i could with his heart, liver, and kidneys. within an hour i had channel cats on most of lines, and promptly went armadillo hunting! in the course of the day i caught enough perch for bait, and we caught several flatties the next day, the biggest 53 pounds.
    basically, one of my favorite rivers in the state!
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    I live in Bay CIty and have fished the COlorado a few times but don't really have great access. I think mostly cause I haven't spent nearly the time this river deserves. The places I have tried have been below the dam from the golf course side with decent luck but it's kind of a pain to get to the water cause you have to walk down the fairway and then down the deep bank on the south shore, using whatever you can to hang on to. Caught a couple flatties using mullet. Otherwise a few ocassionally from Rio Colorado from the bank. I have tried the 521 park down toward STP but never had any luck there. I am thinking of trying my kayak w/ trolling motor and launching from the Hwy 35 boat ramp and going upstream a piece but not sure just where to try. It's been quite a while since I've fished it cause I've been out of state in Alabama till just last fall and been spending way too much time at work. I am also interested in areas to try the San Brenard and the Brazos but don't know where to try, especially from the bank. Any info you could provide would be appreciated.

    Tight Lines,
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    Manhattan, Kansas
    You ought to try the San Saba river(I am sure you probably have). Go out to the golf course in San Saba back behind it where the river runs you can catch yellowcats all night long on drop lines and trotlines. I have also set out lines just south of the bridge over the Colorado on 190 between Lometa and San Saba and have had some good luck but that has been years ago.