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    Plumbertom1, I am sending information on the "pipes/drains" that come out of the AZ side of the "Blythe River Spots" that can be checked out for the gathering................. check em out.... major drains.... major flats..... Just need to know which one is flowing the most???

    so check it out...

    just pan up on the screen and zoom in......

    these two drains may be "hot spots",-114.502451&spn=0.0121,0.013604

    bayrunner ray
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    Eugene, Or.
    Yeah Ray, I'm familier with the location of both of those drains. Never fished them because the require a CRIT reservation fishing permit. At least to fish them from the shore.

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    Dale Miller
    ya ray good spot, just fished up canal this last past weekend and got 6#channel and in the past some smaller flats , talked to one of the locals and said he had hooked up a flat that he thought was in the 80s, the water temp on the canal is about 10* warmer then on the river as of now, also out on the rive I picked up a 17# 150' N of the canal some nice new trees that have fallen in to the river off of the bank and some good slack water there also