Colorado River Flathead Fishing

Discussion in 'LOCAL ARIZONA TALK' started by crazychuy, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. crazychuy

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    Southern California
    Hey Bro's,

    I'm just a local boy from S.C. looking to experience the local flathead action on the River. Where is a good spot that I can make a weekend of it and camp out and fish for Flattie's? Any advice on local, bait, and technique would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Matthew Cook

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    i don't get the the colorado river much, but i have heard there is some great fishing up river from martinez lake. sorry i couldn't help you out more.

  3. mcpherson

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    I have lived in Yuma, AZ for almost thirteen years. I have fished for almost 11 years, since I was 5. The best flathead action I have had is just south of Martinez Lake along the cliffs. I have caught them on earthworms bluegill and small stripers. Your best bet would be using bluegills, since I catch lots more on them. It doesn't matter what time of day you fish. You can catch them any time of day. I hope I helped you out some.

    Matt McPherson :D
  4. riverbud55

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    Dale Miller
    chuy; you know me, got to be blythe, just got back today, got me 2 small ones and 4 channels this last weekend, but down a b&b bait dudes got a 44lb on fri afternoon on the outfall canal and fri. nite gota 35 on the river. didnt find out what happend on sat. want a good place to stay, stay at hidden beaches at the east end of 6th ave north of the 10fwy nice camp ground with a store, and trees and grass to camp on with spots on the river to camp on. If ya want to hook up out there give a me pm. I can get them pole holders out to u there also
  5. Desertrat

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    Matt - Thanks for the info. Just leaning the river and work out of state for the best time of the year for catfishing. Tried some last winter but no luck in the river. Used to fish Mittrey in the past and know that lake pretty well. I will try your spot when back home in Yuma. Is the cannnel cat fishing any good along there also?

  6. Marc_g

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    If you are fishing the Martinez lake area if you have a boat, dont miss the long cut behind the Imperial wildlife refuge, if not, then try the fishing piers at the Imperial boat launch.

    has anyone fished the Parker area recently?

  7. AZrivercat

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    I took a trip to Yuma in Feb this year and my buddy caught a 10lb Channel out of the Gila Main Gravity Canal, by Mittry. +several smaller ones.

    I recently moved to Kingman, and would like to get to know Havasu for Flatheads. Ive been here 3 months and in early Oct I caught a 8lb flat from mesquite bay. (my pb flat) Anyone have tips on the area their greatly appreciated.

    Most of my experience is in central AZ, Verde River, Oak Creek (thats right there flats in Oak Creek), Bartlett, and Pleasant.