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    Several youngsters have asked about whether mink could be caught in colonly traps. I have responded that, that yes they could, but had nothing to support it. Today was the coldest night of the year so far, got down to around 9 degrees last night ... this morning it was 12 when I left for my line ... Nothing apparently had moved last night until I got to one small pond where I have several colony traps one side and conibears on the other side. most of the conibears were frozen in ... and 2 of the 3 colony traps were frozen under the ice, but there was no ice over the one and was I surprised to see a male mink in it waiting for me.

    This is one of the folding colony traps that I make and it is 30" long ....
    Another question that has been ask is, what does a Muskrat run look like. Here is a run that goes to a bank den ... it cuts through the water vegetation and the colony trap is set at the entrance of the den.

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    Nice job on the pictures Garry!