Collapsed Fuel Bulb

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    Hey Willard,

    I wanted to run something by you to see what you think, as I want to understand what's going on with my motor. This is a 1971 65HP Merc (4 cyl). I took my son out for a couple hours last Thursday. Motor started good, ran good, but as the day progressed it was having trouble idling. When we came in, I had trouble keeping it running to pull it up on the trailer.

    I've been running old metal tanks. They are the original for my 1971 65HP Merc. I noticed in my fuel filter little paint or rust pieces, so I figured I need to ditch the old tanks and get the plastic ones. So I did.

    Since I switched the tank, I decided to run some seafoam through the motor, let it set a little bit, as I knew I was going out today again. When I ran the seafoam through the motor the other day in the drive way, I noticed the fuel bulb was a little "mushy". I didn't think much of it, as the motor seemed like it was running good.

    Today I got to the ramp and really couldn't even pump the bulb, as it just went flat when I squeezed it and stayed that way. Motor started right up, ran fine, so off I went. After my first fishing spot (5 miles upstream), I tried to start the motor before pulling anchor (thankfully). It wouldn't start. It would Pop, sputter, cought, etc. Meanwhile the bulb remained flat. Even if I disconnected the fuel lines, it stayed flat!

    Fortunately Danny (three rivers) had come up here from AR to fish (I didn't know it until he pulled up next to me). He ended up towing me 5 miles back to the ramp :sad2: I sure am thankful he was there.

    I figured the fuel line needs to be replaced but I was puzzled by "why" my motor wouldn't even start when I tried to move. I came home and decided to take my fuel pump off. Wow.:crazy: Not only is it very stretched but the piece that separates the 2 chambers is completely gone.

    I was wanting to check with you to make sure I understand this right. If the fuel pump was letting fuel into the wrong chamber, wouldn't the fuel be going directly into the cylinder bypassing the carbs? If so, that would account for it coughing, sputtering, etc... because it was getting way to much fuel?

    Does that sound correct or do you think I might have some other issue?

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    I do think you about nailed it on the head. Replace all the fuel lines and never leave the dock or ramp with a colasped fuel buld, that is a true indication that you have a blockage in the fuel system somewhere, Also take the pick up tube out of those new tanks and remove those little screens on them and install a fuel water seperator on there. well worth the thirty bucks.