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Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by WylieCat, Feb 25, 2008.

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    Channel catfish are still out there, and they are still eating. The cold water temps have slowed their metabolism down considerably, but they are not hibernating. They still have to eat to survive and will readily accept a handy meal.

    Try downsizing your bait and hooks. In the summer we catch channel catfish on bream heads the size of your palm and 7/0 and 8/0 hooks in the 80 degree water. In the winter however we downsize our hooks to 3/0 and 4/0 hooks and baits the size of the end of your thumb.

    If you are drifting in a boat be sure to slow the boat down to less than .50 mph., preferably .30 or less. You will not cover a lot of water, but it will pay off in the number of bites you get.
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    I always down-size my bait in the winter for all of my fishing. Thanks for the info.

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    Everythings frozen 4-5' thick right now but spring is on the way ...matter of fact , I just went back to my regular walleye meeting for the first time since Nov/07...not a good ice fisherman...but now with the warm spells moving in , I'm taking interest again in the board talks. I'm going to use this tip and once we're out on the water again, I am going to stat cattin' a bit earlier and try smaller hooks an baits. Thankyou for this bit of all helps