Cold water ????

Discussion in 'LOCAL OHIO TALK' started by cali2ohio, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. cali2ohio

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    Milford, OH
    how do the catfish bite in rivers and lakes when the water is cold? do flatheads, blues, or channel bite at all?
  2. Catalac

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    yes but very unagressive, short taps

  3. FishBrew

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    IMO -
    Blues are year around feeders, even if water temps are in the 40's or lower. Most big blues (30 + pounders) are caught in the winter. You can also catch good numbers in winter. For blues, it is not uncommon for the hardest bites, screaming clickers, drap pulling catches occur when water temps are low. It is a common miscomception that ALL cat species feed the same way, year around. They are all catfish right? all cold blooded right? Yep ... Think of it this way, what is the water temp of 40, 50, 60 foot water in the heat of the summer? Depending on the body of water it can be cold ... yet hard hitting, fighting cats are caught. OK, not an exact comparison, but hope it helps make the point.
    Of course, lots of varibles here depending on what type of water (river, lake), location of water, species of cat, food source, etc. But in general there movement, location and patterns can change from one season to another as there food source location, pattern tends to move. I think this helps lead to the thought that they don't bite or they slow down or they bite soft in the winter. The spring through fall honey holes may not be producing aggressive bites because the location of the active, aggressive feeding cat may have changed. But blues and to a degree channels can feed aggressively in the dead of winter. I'm not the one to comment on flatheads. Found an article that may help.
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    I hear the blues and channels still bite in cold weather. As for myself I am batting a big Zero so far this year.
  5. tcba1987

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    ive been told that channels WILL bite all winter, i have never done any good after November or before March in the rivers that i fish in !!! GOOD LUCK let me know IF you do any good at all !!!

    I have heard that cut shad is best in the COLD water seasons !!!