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    Hey guys i am still learning alot about catfishin but it is startin to get cold out but that aint gonna stop me. I usually fish griggs reservoir. I had an area where the fish were stacked up for a while in early fall. It was a 5 foot flat with brush and a small creek runnin through it. The fish have totally left that place though. Should i start lookin for the deepest water i can find? Where do the cats winter in a reservoir like griggs, if you can help me i would appreciate it. Thanks!!!
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    I think you hit the nail on the head Tyler: DEEPER WATER. With the approach of winter the temperature of surface water drops and catfish spend more time in deeper water. As it gets colder they'll be even more cover oriented as well. You can still find fish feeding in flat areas this time of year but they seem to do so in fewer numbers and for shorter periods. In my experience the fish are in those shallower flats at Griggs earlier in the day as nighttime cools the water a little too much for their liking.

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    Def. go to deeper water and maybe try downsizing your baits. The bite has been slow everywhere, if your fishing from the bank as i do its even tougher. I went with a guy last sun. on his boat drift fishing and all the fish were in 18 to 20 foot of water, nothing in the shallows. Also try fishing cover in deeper water! The fish were really holding by an old railway bed in 18 feet of water. Also get with Garrett to show you his spot! :wink: He produces some nice cats out of that hole he fishes up at griggs!