Cold Springs area of Spring River

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    I stopped by the fishing area there on the Spring River just south of Mammoth Spring to see if anyone was catching anything. One guy was there fishing for trout as that is what most people fish for in this area. He had 4 pretty nice ones.

    We got to talking fishing and he said that he was fishing in the exact spot he was now and a couple of others were there too and 2 guys fishing off the old bridge along the far side. Heard that farthest guy let out a war hoop and his rod was bent like he had caught a whale. To make a long story short, he had hooked himself a large catfish along the cattails. He managed to get it in and when he weighed it, it topped the scales at 36#. I didn't ask him what kind but assuming it was either a blue or flathead. I told him I didn't think there was anything in there that big and he said he saw one roll earlier that morning over there (meaning toward the other side) that the tail fins were almost 2 hands wide. I don't know if this is one of those Arkansas fish stories or not but thinking I may just have to give it a shot Friday night.

    The water is 54 degrees and clear being just a little over a mile from the spring. Head em up and move em out! Lets go fishin.

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    I know the Spring is full of channels and bullheads. I've heard there are some flatheads in there also. I used to fish around the old hatchery below dam there . Parts are resticted to handheld poles. Could be some good ones there .