cold on the James

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    Took the boy (9 years old) out yesterday. Yeah, he skipped school. Hit the James up in Surry. Man, it was cold! Only had one type of bait with us, the old reliable dip bait. Well, it was so cold that the bait acted like dried up play-do. It just crumbled and would not stay on the dip worm. I even tried to stir it up and then use my hands to make a bait ball on the dip good. So no fish in the boat. So lessons learned. Make sure to have a backup plan. The good news though, he never complained about the cold. He was there to fish. He asked me how I was gonna make up this unsuccessful trip to him. I shot back a question..."I don't know, what do you think I should do?" His great reply was "take me again...and on another school day!" :wink: God, I love that kid.
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    At least he didnt get discouraged and give up, now go put him on a hawg!!!

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    my boys are 30-28-26 and girl 19. still have a good time going fishing with them. now the grandaughters 4-17 months. took the 4 yr old brim fishing last year. she caught about 25-30. got some nice pics. thanks for sharing your time and enjoy fishing with your son. catching or not catching doesn't really matter.