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  1. noodlin Will

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    Ok guys what are your thoughts on cold fronts and how they effect the fish. I am of the thinking that fish are feeding right up until a front passes them they shut down for 2 or 3 days afterwards. What do you guys think am I wrong on this.
  2. JimmyJonny

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    I've been learning what I can and so far I will say that the day after a storm ( rising pressure, clear sky's and usually windy ) I don't have good bites. I will be watching this thread to learn what I can also.


  3. crclhuk1

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    I think you are right with the cold front observation, but i believe its the same with almost any type of storm that passes through. It really sets them off on a feeding frenzy.
  4. Lawdawg

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    I have been keeping a journal for just this type of info for myself. I am no expert but what happens to me is that the fishing picks up anywhere from 16 to 12 hours prior to the front (not specific on what kind of front) and just keeps getting better untill the front is present. If the "front" is just a summer thunderstorm the fishing only picks up a couple hours prior to but then is hot again after it clears. With an actual front the fishing doesn't pick back up untill the barometric pressure stablizes after that front has passed. This could be several hours to several days depending on the speed that the front is traveling at.

    Lets keep in mind though, that any time you aren't fishing and you could be is just another chance you had at that big one......... and who knows. I still believe even though I don't catch as many fish right after a front as I do before one, when the big boy gets hungry - he's gonna eat!
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    That makes sense, I havent been able to figure out this whole idea either. I usually just go fishing when I can, front or no front. I have had good bites before and after, and no bites before and after....:eek:oooh:
  6. SangamonCatKiller

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    I agree that fronts in general will have there impact before and after the pass. I have noted that before large cold fronts approach the bite definitely increases. As the storm is overhead, and if you are brave enough(or stupid) to sit it out, the bait remains steady. After the fronts have gone by, the bite seems to slow.
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    I totally agree with this assessment. My experience with front is that for two to three days after the front arrives its too cold for me to go fishing.:big_smile: Seriously the weather in general plays a major role but I feel that it is more of the series of conditions that have a bigger impact. The cold front that passes very quickly and does not contain any combination of other systems will have little impact on the bite, but combine that with some precipitation that has an immediate affect on water temperature and you will see the change in bite/feeding patterns.