cold fronts?

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    Hey everybody, whats your thoughts on cold fronts and fish biting. I've herd that they bite before the front, then I heard that they won't. I am just curious, I have only been fishing for the big cats for a couple of years now and I have done pretty good so far, but I have always wondered about the cold fronts and how the weather really effects the fish. I want to thank you all in advance for any and all of your input.
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    Cold fronts are defenitely a good time to fish. You can guarantee if there is a falling barometer, I will be out there wetting a line. In our stretch of river, seems the fishing is way better with the winds out of the north. I rarely catch fish when the wind is out of the south. Also, just from past experience, fishing is way better on a gloomy overcast day, versus a day with a blue clear sky.:wink:

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    Welcome aboard!
    Johnny, Gary spends a LOT of time on the river, I'd listen to him.
    I remember one time, fishing the river when a warm front hit with the temps rising 20 degrees in about 45 minutes. The fish had been biting all evening. As soon as that warm front came in, not one bite the rest of the night.
    Gary forgot to mention rain. As uncomfortable as it is, rain is a catfishers best friend.
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    Tom, I don't know about listening to Gary. Until he washes that stripe off his back I'd listen very carefully to everything he says and then do the complete :embarassed:

    No seriously Johnny, those two know their fishing and if they say go stand in the rain then I'd go stand in the rain.
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    That is why it rained so hard last night.. Kutter came out of his cave!:wink: