Cold front and colder shore channel cats??

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by Bossofbeefbowl, Oct 2, 2008.

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    Hanover Park,IL
    I'm in the Chicago area,and around here it's heading into the 50's,for now,and will be soon.The water temps of course will take some time to cool down.I give it about a month till the air temps get into the 40-50 range.So I'm asking,since I've never fished into this temperature,at what what temps should I start looking for channel cats and where exactly at what temps??
    I'm bass fisherman to start so I know where to look for them but channel cats are a new thing for me.

    Sorry for the river guys but I'm looking for advice on a small lake from the shore.It's a split lake.I've heard better things from the front lake for catfishing by the parking lot.But the second lake that is connected by a 20ft wide creek for a 100 yards or so has a small creek that leads into it and leads out of it about 100ft away.

    Looking for some thoughts on where to drop a chicken liver in this pond.
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    howdy boss,.. ive caught channels in freezing temps before, but i think i would chum an area that has potential, like a deep hole with wood,rock or some kind of structure, but i would work it (bait it) regularly...hope this helps, good luck!

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    Channel cats are virtualy a swimming taste bud, down here it is starting to get into the low 50's high 40's at night and the channels are still going strong, they do seem to be a little deeper though, so try that.