clove and orange tea.

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    I like to have a good cup of hot tea every so often. around the fall you can find some special teas, one of these teas is clove and orange tea. This tea has a great flavor with a good aroma. This tea is served up around the holidays.
    things you need
    orange peal dried (i dry my own peals)
    whole cloves
    and your choice of a good loose tea
    tea ball or equivalent.
    the mix is to taste so this may take a few tries.

    the mix is
    1/3 oz orange peal
    1/3 oz cloves
    1 oz loose tea.
    This is a starting point but works good for me.
    now in a tea ball put the mix in and steep a good cup of this spiced tea. I use raw sugar to sweeten it. Please no milk that just kill any good tea.
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    Jeff,I was waiting on someone else to post,But since there are no takers. I remember my grandmother making "spiced tea" from instant tea,ground cloves,cinnimon and nutmeg with orange zest . It was a great warm up coming in from outside.