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  1. ozzyso44

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    Smithville, Missouri
    Do any of you "bury" your clothes in fresh earth? I have been keeping my clothes in a rubbermaid tote, wrapped in a bag, filled with dirt. My buddy gives me some hell about it, and he uses the "fresh earth" scent wafers in his bag, but I just think the real thing is better than any other. Yes, I have to shake out the pant legs when I put them on, but I put them on in the field, away from the truck. I don't even think my boots have ever touched concrete, my truck carpet, etc.

    I top it off with Primos silver spray, then make sure I don't spit chewing tobacco on myself:smile2:

    Anybody else ever go to extremes when it comes to scent control?
  2. backwoodsman68geric

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    I use to do some crazy things, watched what I ate before a big hunt, dressed at the timber etc. I got older and got tired of it, didnt seem like much fun anymore. I wash all my clothes in baking soda and do store them in airtight totes, spray my boots down on occasion with 50/50 baking soda and water but thats about it now. I watch/play the wind now. We do have some acorn and the fresh earth scent wafers hanging at some of our stands/blinds and they do keep an odor going for years if you reseal them in the little cups.

  3. CopeMan

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    Sounds like me ozzy. Do bout the same as you. I like to find some old pasture grass thats dead and throw in to. If Im huntin cedars i use those too. I really like the silver xp spray. I know you cant be completely odorless but my experience using techniques like this have boosted my sucess. During rifle season I just play the wind but for bowhuntin i think its a key. I dont wear scentlok clothers just baseslayers. Some of it overated and too darn expensive for my taste. Just my 2 cents. Good post:big_smile: Good luck to ya
  4. bownero

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    Hastings, Ne.
    I guess we hunters can never be to scent cautious, but it pays to do it religiously. My scent control regimen is, I shower with the Dead Down Wind products and wash my Base Slayers and Scent Lok garments with Dead Down Wind wash. My rubber boats get set outside to air out for up to 6 months before I wash them thoroughly and them dust them with baking soda. Most of the time I dry my garments outside and then put them in air tight bags and put them on in the field. Sometimes I'll dry them in the clothes dryer in the winter, but I spray the inside of the dryer with a no-scent spray first. In the field I always spray down with a scent-killing spray and try to play the wind at best. I'm not a believer of those scent-wafers. To me they smell to fake and strong and I think the smell can be a dead giveaway to a cagey Old Buck!!

    Just my ways and thoughts on the subject.:wink:
  5. DIESELkat

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    Thats Mark, ya saved me some typin. Ditto what he said, cept I use scent shield shampoo and body wash. Also I always spray a cover scent on my boots. I used to use fox pee all season. I started getting freaked out that the deer could pattern me by the smell of the fox pee so now I switch back and forth between that and coon pee throughout the season.

    SGTREDNECK New Member

    I an anal when it comes to scent control. I wash all my clothes twice in scent killer soap. Only wear scent blocker clothes. I spray them when taking them off and putting them on right before entering the woods. I also shower every morning before I go hunting, then on the ride to the hunting stop i wear clothes that have been washed in scent killer wash. I lock the dog in the bedroom before i go shower. I also store my clothes in a scent killer bag, with dirt and if i know i am going to be hunting pines i will put some real pine in there too. Thats a great cover scent. Some call me crazy, but if they spent as much time in the woods as I do they would understand. Andrew
  7. waynesburgjay

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    I used to spray my clothes with scent killer and then put them in the dryer for a few minutes and then into a sealed bag.
    Of course most of the deer that were killed at camp were on the 3rd or 4th day with no shower. Figure that out!!!
    No matter how hard you try you'll never be totally scent free.
  8. flathead willie

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    That's a fact, you can never be scent free. If you breath you're giving off scent. I just stay down wind from the deer I'm hunting. I managed to get my limit (2-8 deer) with a bow every year for 33 years.....and with a recurve!
  9. 1mickymoo

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    Edgerton, Kansas
    I smoke, and bowhunt, go figure. I use the wind too, self climber and several spots depending on the wind. Usualy here in Kansas its out of the south a couple days and then the north a couple days. I do spray and try to smoke less. Good job Willie, that's impressive.
  10. flathead willie

    flathead willie Well-Known Member

    I smoked most of the time too. I found that good scouting and stand placement could overcome scent control. Of course, I try to use the mountains and their air currents to my advantage when placing stands also.
  11. slipperycreekcritter

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    north carolina
    I am by no means an expert,but I have spent the more than 30 yrs. roaming the woods & fields.What I have learned is that all deer are different when it comes to ALARMING scents.I bow hunt only & have killed more than my share of nice bucks over many yrs.What has worked for me yr after yr. is really simple.Hot shower with none fragrant soap before I leave the house.All my hunting clothes are washed in non scented soap & uv killer "very important".Clothes are hung out side to air dry and then packed in a double plastic bag and stored in my truck.Boots are never worn anywhere except in the woods.When I arrive where I intend to hunt. I change clothes.Put on the fresh clothes stored in the plasctic bag.I use scent killer "autumn formula" made by wildlife reasearch center from head to toe,including boot bottoms.Early bow season in N.C is very hot,I carry 2 sets of clean clothes,towel & soap in case I get hot and sweaty.I find a cool refreshing creek and take a noon bath to get ready for the afternoon hunt.
    P.S. Always pay check the wind direction,keep the wind in your face and your no shot zone at your back.

    I hope this help...Good luck..kill a monster !!!!
  12. Angler4life

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Lol, I know what you mean Ozzy, people think we are crazy. Yeah, I do things like put dirt and leaves in with my clothes. I don't touch any pets before I go out hunting. If I am out of scentless detergent, soap, or shampoo, I take a shower without using any soap. I don't even hug my wife or family members before I go hunting because I am afraid that they will make me smell like perfume, etc. My family often gets annoyed with all of my practices. Oh well, it seams to help me.
  13. Magnus777

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    Like you, I started putting all my hunting clothes in a plastic tote. It's the best way I've found to keep them all together, keep them insulated from outside odors, and transport them. Another benefit I've found is that if I keep them sealed, then I only have to wash them once or twice a year after I actually use them....rather then washing them after I use them, and washing them again to remove collected odors before the hunting season starts the next year.
    First thing I do is wash my clothes in a scent killer soap. I tried using a grocery store washing detergent that was perfume free...which I have to use on my regular clothes anyway due to a "multi-chemical sensitivty" I picked up in the Marines. But I found that even though those detergents may be perfume free, they all still contain "optical brightners" that help keep clothes looking new by reflecting UV light. As we all probably know by now, UV light is easily picked up by the eyes of most game animals, and even though your hunting clothes may be printed with a "camoflage" pattern you will stick out in the woods like a turd in a punch bowl if your clothes are bright and shiny! So now I use the detergent made for hunters that just cleans my clothes, without adding a bunch of extra chemicals and brightners.
    Next, I hang my clothes out on the line to dry. Drying them indoors is a bad no-no, because the dryer sucks in air from the house, which contains all the normal houshold odors. You can believe the claims printed on that package of Earth Scent, supposedly odor killing dryer sheets if you want...not I! Luckily I live out in the country, or I would even be nervous hanging my clothes out in the city air.
    Then, when my clothes have hung outside for a couple days, I take my plastic tote outside and put the clothes directly into it...sprinkle on a little baking soda....and pack them away until I need them. When I get ready to go hunting I can just pick up the whole tub, throw it in the truck, and go. Rather than open the tub in the house, and expose everything in it, I take out what I need when I get to my hunting location...what I don't wear that day stays in the tub, and gets sealed back up.
    On the day of my hunt I wake up eary enough to eat, drink coffee, pack what I need in the truck that wasn't done the night before, as well as whatever else needs done....THEN I take a shower with disinfecting, anti-bacterial soap. I dry off with a towel that was washed and dried with my hunting clothes, and brought in from outside just before my shower. Then I walk right out on my front porch butt naked(did I mention I live in the country?), where I put on my thermal undies, and scent free overalls, and rubber boots...climb in the truck, and I'm off.
    I make sure I have all the fuel, snacks, and whatever else ahead of time so I don't have to stop. When I get to where I'm going, I get out, take off my overalls, wipe down with a scent-free baby wipe if it was a long drive, or I started sweating in the truck. Next, I open the tub to get a set of hunting clothes. Last thing I do is put on my hunting boots, which were sealed in a plastic bag after being washed in disinfecting/anti-bacterial soap. They never touch the floor in my house, and they SURE never touch the floor of my truck, or the pavement at a gas station!
    Finally, I spray myself down with a homemade scent-killer spray. I used the store bought stuff for a long time, but once I figured out I can make the same stuff at home for MUCHO less $$$, that's what I use...there's a reason the ingredients aren't listed on the bottle...because everybody can make their own! I won't list my recipe, because they're easy enough to find all over the web, and all basically the same, with plenty of room to experiement.
    Now for a cover scent, I'm blessed to live in an area with abundant pine trees. It's a simple thing to break off a branch from a young pine on the way to my stand...just rub it all over...clothes, gloves, boots...everything! Rub hard enough to crush the needles, and get the sap from the inner branch. Don't believe it's effective? Where do you think Pinesol comes from??? Go out right now and find yourself a small pine branch...wad it up, and rub it in your hands, then take a sniff! The smell lasts all day! Or, if I'm in an area where there aren't many pine....rare....I'll just pick up a double handful of fresh earth and humus from the forest floor, and rub that all over myself....wearing my gloves, of course!
    Well, that's my method. I know it was a bit long winded, but I hope there's some info in there that someone can use to your success. Keep the sun at your back, the wind in your face, and your powder dry! Good hunting! :big_smile:

    Peace outside!
  14. MikeV

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    I do alot of what you guys are saying. Except putting dirt in a scent killer bag all your gonna get is scent free dirt. All the lil carbon molecules are gonna fill up with the smell of dirt instead of b.o. or whatev. I belive i have been 99.9 % scent free, its not impossible its just not easy. Underarmor and rubber boots are a must,I don't care is it 5 degrees i'm wearing my rubbers.
  15. WhoJosh

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    I just use Sent-A-Way acorn scented spray, but I think I might try to use laundry detergent and store my clothes in a sealed toat this season. I'm still working on getting my first deer, going on my 3rd bow season and I'm gonna try as much as I can to bag a deer this season.
  16. CATDADDY78

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    i use that uv wash for my clothes and hunters specialties soap in the shower i wear a fresh earth scent wafer on my hat and spray down with this amazing product called scent zapper. this stuff smells the most like fresh earth and i can smell it on my clothes for days after i use it. i have to order it online now cause i guess they think if you buy the primos brand it will work better but this stuff is great. the uv wash really works too, i used to wash my stuff in baking soda but after i dried it i would put the uv light on it and it would glow blue like crazy cause even though you washed with baking soda, when you put them in the dryer the dryer sheet scent and the detergent creates a film on the drum of your dryer and your back to square 1, not scent free, uv blocker eliminates all scents in washer and dryer. everything else doesnt have uv blockers in it. but ive harvested deer while smoking a cig. i think during the rut or even really any time of the year it doesnt matter what you use if the deer want to walk down the trail they will no matter what scent they smell, has happened to me too many times, but i still try to control my scent
  17. CharlieD

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    I am 57 years old-- Hunted most of my life--- I don't wear camo- Don't use scent blocker or buck scents. I have never not gotten a deer in the seasons I have hunted. I'm a heavy smoker and I even take coffee with me in the stand.
  18. Paraguayguy

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    I feel all the things available help. Most important is use the wind to your advantage and stay still. I know a few old boys that regularly kill monster deer every year. They kill the big dominate bucks in their areas year in and year out. They won't shoot a buck unless its huge 10-14 pointer and do it every year. I shoot does like crazy every year and get lucky on a big buck once every 4-5 years. The guys that kill two or three monsters every year are the guys that are very dedicated and are the best at their game.
  19. luvndabeers

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    i take leaves and grass from the land we hunt, boil it and spray my camos with it...learned that from an old timer, seems to do the job.