Closing the gap?

Discussion in 'Terminal Tackle Review' started by Gibbzilla, May 28, 2007.

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    In all of the circle hook guides I've seen, it says not to "close the gap" with the bait. I plan on using nightcrawlers on the gamakatsu octopus circles, and some live bream and cut bait as well, so this explanation would be a big help to me.
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    All its saying is don't close the gap between the hookpoint and the shank of the hook. sort of a common sense thing, allow enough room for the hook to get around fish's lip or whatever. i.e. dont put a massive amount of bait molded around the hook and don't glob your bait on; make sure the hook point is exposed.

    *with worms this shouldn't be a problem.
    *with bream, hook them fairly shallow. for example, if you hooked a 6 inch bream in the middle of the back along the lateral line, your hook gap would probably be closed by the back of the bream.
    *same thing with cut bait, make sure to don't ball it on the hook to the point where the hook point is covered, and leave ample room for the fish's lip to get in the space of the hook.

    hoped this answered your question

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    Closing the gap means leaving the bait to "block" the gap....I put my bait on so that the bait hangs below the barb of the hook....You should only hook baits(especially cut baits) just enough to keep em on the hook....Dwight