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    We hit a couple local lakes yesterday messing around letting the kids fish for bluegill . At about 6 pm they started catching channels on their bobber rigs with a bits of night crawlers . They was excited cause these cats 2 to 3 pounds was working those light poles over . I rigged one up with a bobber and a dip tube with some secret 7 I had in the truck . Let my grandson have it , didnt take 5 minutes he had a 6 pound channel . The cats was still hitting 2 to 5 foot from the bank when we left right before dark . Had there been no school for the kids we would have caught a bunch I am sure .

    With these cool nights try fishing close to bank . I notice this 2 nights this week . We are going to hit the lake hard this weekend and limit out for a fish fry to follow .
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    I always fish close to the banks in the mornings, evenings and especially at night for channels. Now a days I mainly fish for flat heads on the mississippi river. Flatheads come out of their holes at night and real close to shore.

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    Yep thats the way it's goin' down here too. Those cool nights have em on those shallow edges.