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  1. Big Ron

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    Hi all ......have you USA lads ever tried clonking ??

    do you know what Clonking is ....and do you think it might work for you cats ?
  2. Katmaster Jr.

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    Wilmington, NC
    Yeah I've seen a few post on here about people using them here. I'm not sure how good they work though.

  3. catman in spain

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    Hi Ron and all I have spoken to a few catfish anglers from the states and they have adopted the whole concept of the clonk it does work especially in deep water. one chap told me he did clonk and place his bait under a pontoon then he placed his bait suspended of the pontoon and walked back round to the other side where he could fish this approach worked for him as the pontoons were 20mts apart he could then pull the catfish back towards him instead of trying to struggle with fish directly under the pontoon he did not say to me what type of catfish they were. But the normal run of the mill channel catfish and blues I would presume it would be a great new concept for anglers that have never used it. There are many styles to using the clonk some say three clonks one second apart then wit 15 seconds. Some clonk for about 5 mins constantly. myself well I have different approaches for depths of water and use the fish finder to see what the catfishes reaction is once I have a reaction a rising fish I slow down and then start to tease the fish with the odd clonk this has been my approach for several years it works for me but some people cannot do that they have different patience levels.***************:) clonk on chaps
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    broguth out of archive