Clinton Spillway

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    i am going to try my luck at clinton spillway do any of you know if the cats are anygood there if so what bait should i use
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    If they are letting some water out of the lake you can catch some fish. I watched a guy cast big twister tails one day and he caught a 45# flathead. He told us that they have to flowing water for it to work. He made his own jigs and I think they were like 3/4 or 1oz jigs with real stiff hooks. I wouldn't have believed it but there were several people down there fishing like that and I saw several others caught but nothing like his fish.

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    O.P., KS
    Here is a link that you can look at to get an idea if they are releasing water:

    It's at about 7cfs now, which is basically what leaks through when they aren't releasing. I wouldn't bother to go there when it's under 100cfs, it takes about 500cfs to get it really running.

    Baits? Sunfish, shad, even worms would be worth a try, but I would wait until the water is running.