Clinton Spillway This Weekend

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    I think the crazy happening of Milford has moved to Clinton's Spillway. I ran to the spillway for a few hours on Sunday. Not many poeple at all. But a few strange things. I was there for an hour when 2 young guys showed up with one of the under water camera's. Talked to them for a few mins about the camera ( I have been thinking about getting one for fun. ) I asked one of the guys if they have had any luck with it and they said that they caught a 15, 30 and a 50 early in the morning. They played around with the camera for a bout an hour and then they decide that it was time to start snagging. I guess if you are going to snag you should maybe look around before you start. about 10mins before they started a sheriff pulled up and was watching the action. It was no more than 15mins of snagging and they hook in to a nice one. they play it out for a while and the guys buddy comes over with a net to get him in then out of no where they look up at the sheriff's truck looking at them and they then throw the net down and they played the fish for a few more mins. Then I guess they decided it was not a good idea to keep it so they reach down grap it and they raise it out of the water enough that I could see the head. At this point they then reach down and take the hook out of its side. and release it never getting it out of the water. My guess is that it went 40 plus. I later in the day I get a nice hit and miss it I go to reel in and on my line is 3 lures and one nice size snagging hook. Then when we were about to leave a group of middle eastern guys come down the steps. Thought it was odd that they did not have any poles, just a couple of Walmart bags. The aget to the bottom of the steps and they sit down get in the bag and pull out a spool of string and a sack of weights and hooks the rig things up and reach in another bag and the pull out a plate of shrimp cocktails they go ahead and hook a couple of shrimps on. They then let out a bout 20 feet of string and tossed it out. All I could do is shake my head. I can tell you that this was the first time I was hoping that some one else hooked in to a nice 50plus flat. That would make an fun show to watch. In all not a bad day fishing we caught about 40 channels.