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Clinton Lake

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Anybody had any luck at Clinton latley?
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Haven't been on the lake in a couple of months. Need to though, freezer could use a little more stocking. Sorry.
Keith, if you can't find it get a hold of me and I'll draw you a map :p

I see you figured out how to get your picture back up, that's really to bad :cool:

Whats really scary is I'm starting to understand your sense of humor.........I better have a cold one and think on that a bit.

Rivers up and got a little debis, but doubt it will stay up long(the river).
Mcflat and myself took 14 eater's off of Clinton today. Some on a trotline with little shad for bait(lakes full of em) and some on dipbait over chum. Chum bite was slow. Let the freezer filling begin, I broke out the soap :rock-big:
Only had 2 fish on the trotline, but did finish out the limit over the chum. Tragically, I had 3 that went over know I hate cleaning "big" fish,hehe. Because I can, I switched one pole over to a circlehook and went 6 for 6 on that rod. I missed one fish but it was just a tap-tap hit and probably wasn't big enough to get the bait in it's mouth. Didn't rebait the trotline but still plan on catching my limit in the morning..........maybe I won't get wet tomorrow.

Enjoyed the heck(must be careful) out of our trip Mike, next time we'll get serious with some big steel and bigger baits!!
Geoff, check my thread directed at you in the Kansas talk section.

Even's about to hit the fan :crying:
30/10=3. I'm going with 3 fisherman. Chumming is a dang good way to get some fish in the freezer, it also keeps my 9 year old from whining about no bites :D
Personally, I like timbered flats just off a channel break.
I'm going to warn ya, as the weather starts to cool the cat's go off the chum bite.............I've actually been skunked before during the fall.

Shott me a PM and I'll tell you where I was chumming last week. There should be some fish left in the area from my chumming. If it turns out to be something you and the soon to be enjoy maybe we can get a good hole started. My shift doesn't allow me to keep a spot chummed up 2 or 3 groups working a spot is the ticket. Give a shout if your interested.
Thanks for the call the other night Slimcat, looking forward to this coming spring. I'll be in touch.
It's going to be overcast, but the temp. is supposed to in the mid 50's and more importantly the wind is "supposed" to be at 10mph(famous last words). I'm heading for the lake in search of tasty catfish and fresh shad. Report to follow. Have a nice day:)
I got in on those BIG shad also, wish I could find them year round!!

I haven't found any big channels yet this year. I've been fishing in the **** Creek area and the Wakarusa arm, have caught eater sized fish in both places. Fishing 3-5 foot timbered covered flats next to decent channel breaks.

Today, the fishing Gods were not on my side:sad: Ended up catch 3 eatter sized cat's, didn't miss a hit either. Caught one in the area described above on soured shad(soured is an understatment), one drifting SureShot punchbait, and one on SureShot while anchored. Chumming didn't do a bit of good. I threw the castnet a zillion times today and finally caught 2 big shad at the end of the day. Never made it to the Marina cove so don't know if those big shad are still up. Did net a catfish, 2 whitebass and 1 crappie........yea ha. Felt good to get out on the water, but had dreams of a catfish dinner...........looks like it'll be chicken tonight:rolleyes:
Nice rant Eric, rep points sent your way:big_smile:
Aaron, is the water still up in the willows between the beach area and clinton point?? I've always had luck on stinkbait catching eater sized fish on the willow edge and in the holes. Same goes for the willows in the Rock creek area. The water may be shallow but have not had problems catching cats on SureShot punchbait and Wicked Sticky, they also really like the Premo Super Sticky Blood from Walmart................a Looper Rig is the best for dip bait. If you can find willow edges with a couple feet of water it would be worth switching to fresh cut shad for larger channels, I've also trotlined Flathead off the flats between the willows and the channel.

I hope that helps because I just told you EVERYTHING I know:sad2:
Went and bought another 100lb. of chicken scratch today, got it soaking as we speak. Serious chumming is just around the corner:big_smile:

I'll let you local boys know where the "hole" is once I get a good one going. Probably start one Sat. then fish it a bit on Sunday. Got to get started filling the freezer for my sons birthday/fishfry party.
Dumped some chum, but Clinton was hard on me this evening. Will probably fish the chum tomorrow, after I go to Cabela's:big_smile:
It's so bloody hot I think I'll night fish this evening, also bought a blacklight so I have to play with that:big_smile: . Hope I get to see some of that Solar Green Trilene dancing tonight.
Nice to put a face to a name John, I won't name names but I've seen worse pictures on this site:eek:oooh:

Had plans of getting out today but I fell in love with the AC. I'll let you know how it goes and where if I do any good.

Got pheasant on the grill, got to run........yum!!
Dead calm when I got to the lake last night, by 12 it was starting to whitecap in the north end. Nothing like being in the tree's and stumps after dark when the whitecaps start kicking up:sad2:

Blacklights rock!!

Shad are very scarce for me, did catch enough for the evening BIG one.

Caught a couple little 10-12" channel that had their heads all swelled up just like spawning males, never seen fish so small in a spawning suit.

I'll be happy when the spawn is complete.
Tell me a fish story John H., how'd ya do today???
Good to hear John. What you using for bait? Did you find the leak yet?
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