Clinton lake

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  1. cat lineman

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    Looking for some help about clinton lake,never been on it and I'm wondering where to hit to catch some whiskered friends. any help would put me ahead of where I'm at now. I want to hit something new for a change. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  2. Charlie365

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    I'm with you, Heath. I've heard there's lots of good catfishing at Clinton. I've heard there's good places for set lines, and there's good places to go in a boat and chum with soybeans and catch 'yer limit. But, like you, I've never fished Clinton myself.

    Other than below the dam when the water's running, where do you go ?
    Anybody have some good spots (GPS Coord ?) ?

    Inquiring minds want to know these things....

  3. lakeith

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    St. Joseph, Mo.
    What's up? I don't know much about Clinton, only fished it twice but, since it's close to family i will be camping and fishing for two or three days Labor Day week. I'm thinking sept. 6,7,8 or 7 and 8. I'll have some family there at some point i hope but, anybody's welcome to hang out and i'll have my 97 Tracker there so i'll be running lines and fishing all over the lake. Let me know if ya might stop by. I'll have more details as i get closer. Charlie, Gary, Geoff, let me know what you're doing, i could always use some advice. I don't have the net at home so have patience w/ me.