Clinton lake

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  1. countryboy32c

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    Lansing, KS
    I've heard stories of a deep channel I beleive is on the back side of clinton. They say you come into bout1 to 1 1\2 foot then all of a sudden its like 30 to 50 foot deep heard different depths but anyway they say that you can catch some big channel and flats outta it. Does anyone kow if there is any truth to this?:confused2:
  2. warcraft1975

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    i beleve what you are talking about is the wakarusea river channel that runs through clinton lake(thats how they made clinton)its pretty deep all the way trough it can be found on ur depth finder pretty easy i follow it around all the time

  3. sand rat

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    ya me and my dad drifted it sunday night and only got a 2lb channel. we were fishing in 9 ft of watter with perch on a bobber bout 2 ft down. how is everyone else been doing on that lake?
  4. MR SANDMAN 800

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    Went out there saturday evening for an hour and a half. Saw a nice sized cat roll just in front of where I was standing. No takers though. I was fishing around fallen trees. Had two poles with live bluegill on them, one with a slip bobber and the other on the bottom. The other pole had shrimp on it, fished under a slip bobber. There was a nice school of shad in there as well. Everytime I've gone down there shad have been schooled up....going to wait until they get a little bigger before I throw the net at them. Hopefully they'll continue to hang out there.
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    De soto, Kansas
    Rock creek boat ramp is a hell of a drive down a horrible rocky/gravel/sad excuse of a road but once you get out into the channel its more than 20 ft at least. decent... ALOT of fish, only caught a drum on worms in the 3 hours i was there, but i have no depth finder or nothing, was just kinda testing boat out really...:tounge_out: