Clinton Lake Report...

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    Docked at the park around 6:30am yesterday, ran down to the hot area and netted some shad. Most of the shad were only a couple inches long. There were three boats anchored near the hot water return fishing. After I got some shad I ran to the West end of the lake and went to fishing near the underwater gravel pits. There were several boats drifting this same area. A couple fishermen said they were walleye fishing and asked me if that was what I was doing. I told them I didn’t even know how to fish for Walleye and was fishing for channel. They say they had caught a couple channel while fishing for Walleye. Caught 3 channels using shad and crawlers on the same hook. They were 3 to 4 lb. Practiced CPR because I was too lazy to clean them. Still no fish for the tournament. Darn.:tounge_out: