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Cliffs of the Neuse

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Has anyone been to the cliffs of the neuse area lately, is the log still sitting across the river about 3 bends up, its about 1.5' under the water, I have heard horror stories about this log. I want to go there sometime within the next few weeks and try it. I have heard of some pretty good fish being pulled out of the river there and I want to go. By the way where can I get some shad. Jason
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Where abouts are the CLiffs of the Neuse located? It looks like you are moving up the Neuse at a regular pace.
its downriver from goldsboro about 10 miles or so. I havent been there yet but I might want to try it out.
there is nowhere to get shad in this area except the early spring. you have to be around a big lake or smething to get them year round. we use shad and herring to set bush hooks early spring and just kill the blues. if you want some eaters, thats prime time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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