Clicker on my new 7000c3i keeps breaking and fixing itself?

Discussion in 'Reel Repair and Upgrades' started by great pappy cat, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. great pappy cat

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    I have an older 7000c3 that has served me well(after getting it fixed after my first season using it manufacturer defect).I bought an 07 model a few months back.My clicker quit working the second time useing it.The day i was going to take it back to bass pro it majically fixed itself???it worked fine for a couple weeks untill i was useing it to record a ringtone on my phone it quit working again and i bacKlashed the reel??I noticed that the clicker switch just floped back and forth like something came loose.I used it anyway that evening.When I was winding up one time. I reached down and simaltaniously moved the clicker switch.and poof it works:eek:oooh:.Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on here.I think i bought another lemon abu:angry:.
  2. Zing

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    I just came on reel repair for the same reason. I just purchesed the reel have used it a few times clicker quit. I took the reel apart. I do not have the name for the part, but the bar is sliding underneath the oval peice that hold the tenson on the bar. I was hopping someone could give me the number to contact abu garcia. In the parts diagram it looks like the oval peice is solid all the way around mine is split. I have used abu garciaq for over 30 years, I really love the reel just want to get it fixed.

  3. kingdawes

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    The same thing has happened to me. I accidentally started to cast with the clicker on. I relized what I did and turned the clicker off and recast. Then when I went to turn the clicker back on the botton was all loose and you could tell that the mechanism inside was not linked right. I was upset at this I thought that I had broken my brand new reel. So like everybody else I was playing around with it and reeling at the same time. Something inside linked back up and I was back in buisness. I will now make sure that the clicker is definetly off before I cast. I'm not the poorest person but that is a lot of money to pay just to break.
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    North Carolina
    same thing here it happen to one of my dads new 7000s then it started working again:confused2: