Clendening Catfish 5-25

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    Clendening Cats 5-25


    decided to run out to clendening and throw the cast net for shad and throw in a couple rods for cats. fished off of the 799 end of the lake, the shad were everywhere, threw the cast net 5 times and got 25 decent sized shad for bait. i snagged up my cast net on some type of big piece of metal and tore the hell out of it oh well there goes another 16 dollar cast net. my wife had in 2 rods while i was throwing the net and in 15 minutes had 2 channel cats, a nice 6 lb 24 incher and one smaller 12 inch fish. i decided to fish alittle since i tore up my net and caught a FAT bellied 14 inch fish within 10 minutes then the nasty weather started so we packed it up and went home. 3 fish not bad for less then 30 minutes of fishing, ill post a picture of renees fish, im holding it because she was afraid it would bite her. the reason being when she caught it, i realized i left the net in the car, so i lipped it to land it and it bit down on my thumb and wouldnt let go. i honestly thought i was gonna have to beat this fish off of the guardrail to get it to let go of my thumb

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    Congrats on the catches Brian, keep up the good work.