Clearwater lake

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  1. wayne1967

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    Anyone fish Clearwater lake? I think it's the Black river that feeds it.
  2. Grumper

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    Crystal City MO
    I pretty much grew up on Clearwater lake. It has alot of catfish, but they are hard to catch there. Water is super clear, even when you go up river, it's clear and shallow. I have caught a few dandy's there though. Your best bet would probably be run up Logan Creek or black river depending on where the water level is at.

  3. Catman

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    Randolph, Nebraska
    I have not been out fishing much this year, but can say that the water is pretty much cleared up in the aftermath of that ameren ue disaster. Most of the better fish in the lake are caught at night on jug lines. the better fish downstream of the dam are caught on trot lines. Although the spillway and just downstream holds many fish, but with a lot of fishing pressure they can get pretty hard to catch. fishing from the bank can become very difficult unless you don,t mind waiting while pulling the gar and turtles off of your hook. I don't have a boat any more but when I did I would drift fish both in the lake and below the dam. Most of the time I get strange looks from people but I do bring home supper. can tell more info. but for now I am worn out from typing.
    Good luck
  4. Welkmeister

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    Woodstock AL
    I used to know a guy that would drag out 40-50 lb cats (by hand!) from bank holes in the upper Black River every year in mid to late July so I know there is good-sized fish in the lake. As far as fishing the lake itself, I have no experience with cats....mainly done a little crappie fishing there.