Clear Lake - Defeat & Redemption

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by KnotGillty, May 12, 2008.

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    Went to Clear Lake on Friday with my buddy Ric. Expectations were high for the trip. Lines were in the water by 3pm and we started off doing some drifting. On our second drift Ric hooks up and the skunk is off the boat.

    We anchored up overnight and caught several small fish with the biggest channel being around 7 or 8 pounds. I hooked into and battled a very large channel cat around 4am. When I got it close to the boat, I just couldn’t control the beast and it did the unthinkable as it wrapped 3 times around the anchor line before using it’s brute force to snap my 17 pound mono like it was nothing. We always hope for a big fish on these overnight trips it’s no fun to lose the battle when you get a trophy fish so close to the boat. You never know how many chances you'll have to play a nice fish. All we could do was pray that we would have the opportunity for redemption.

    Sunday morning resulted in more fish on the drift. Here’s Ric with a decent channel cat which was his 3rd fish of the trip.

    And here’s the redemption fish caught on one of the last drifts of the morning. It sure felt good to get a quality fish inside the boat after braving the elements all night. Persistance paid off.

    It was a big bellied channel cat and after a couple quick pics was returned to the water to spawn another day. We were off the water by 10am and back to Sacramento by 12:30.

    Tight lines
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    Randy thank's for the report and the pic's those are some nice channel's you two caught :big_smile: I love to fish that lake there are some monster channel's bass and carp in clearlake...Thank's once again.:big_smile:

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    Those are some nice Channels, Randy.
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    hi-nice fish there-ine had the pleasure of fishing clear lake-i caught a 16 lber there about 15 years ago-i also caught a stringer of huge crappie-2-3 lbers-its a great lake when the alge bloom isnt bad gl to you