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    Over thanksgiving my Dad gave me a great gift, and a night to remember LOL


    23 years ago my dad was crushed between 2 trucks trying to get a truck out of the ditch on an icy road when a careless driver slid in to the truck on the road causing it to roll back and make his knee dust...

    He had an old 410 he got when he was a little boy some 30+ years ago. He gave it to me on thanksgiving in hopes that I could get some use out of it. I asked how loud it was as it is a small gun in comparison to what I usually shoot


    He asked if I wanted to find out... of course I did, we drove down to the river, just outside of town, he took the first shot, I took the next. We left. About 100 yds down the road was a sheriff searching a car, about 300 yds down the road was his buddy who pulled us over... asked us if we had been shooting and at what, after explaining the story he laughed and let us go!

    The gun has some surface rust and needs to be reblued. Anyone on here have any experience with this? I talked to a local gunsmith who put me on a reblueing kid that he said should do just fine and I should be able to do myself...

    Tips? Tricks? Tactics?
    Any and all help, advice and encouragement would be greatly appreciated!
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    Sounds like fun,,

    First when you disassemble it,, don't lose any parts,,,, I wonder why I mentioned that..

    To get the results you want, letting a pro work their magic,, It usually comes out with a deeper, more uniform bluing job than most of the kits.

    If that's not an option, Get in contact with Brownells, I think they are in Iowa @ 515-623-4000, also, They are a gunsmith/shooting supply co. have been around for a LONG time.
    They have a lot of good stuff, and tech tips that will be very helpful.

    Keep in mind, that the preparation of the pieces to be blued is the key to a nice job, there's a lot of info printed about the subject!!

    Keep flat parts flat, and all parts evenly polished. It's real satisfying to do this type of project, especially since it's been in the family awhile!!

    You can look through their info and make a lot of choices.
    I used to use some of their products to do the rust bluing on nice double guns. But, I haven't used any of the "Cold" bluing stuff. They also sell the bluing salts and supplies for regular bluing jobs,

    Hope this helps,,Good luck

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    greg is giving you good info the serfis rust you can buff off with 000 steal wool bring everything to a shine with the wool you will need to go to lows and get a can of de naterd alcohol glean all metel parts very well this is to de grease the metel you have to be very thero any grease or oil left will leave a bare spot or fish eyes when you blue with the coled bluing now you need to wash all metel with water next but i wash with hot water to get metel warmed up the hoter the better now dry it real well after washing then go to town with the bluing after you get the bluing as dark as you want it put a heavy coat of light gun oil on the fresh blue but rub very lightly puting the oil on or you can rub off the blue but get it reel wet with oil leave it for a week or so and you can wipe the acsess oil off thean its good as new
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    Thanks guys that is some great advice, I talked to a guy up at Scheels and he said that he has done several guns with this Birchwood Casey Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue Kit. He showed me which one to get and basically gave me a lot of the same information as ya'll so that is a good sign!

    I will post pictures as I go as soon as I can find the darn camera!

    Thanks again for all of your help~